Congratulations on Student’s Day

Dear student!

Congratulations on the most anticipated holiday of the year – Student Day! 

Remember, our young generation has high hopes! It is up to you to build new cities, start successful startups, develop technologies, teach children, create and win first places in the world for the country! I wish you to study hard, but do not forget about the rest, always be happy with your life and be surrounded by loyal friends. Do not forget that now your most important job is to develop, follow your vocation, listen to your heart and do things that fill you and give you even more strength to create beautiful things.

Never forget who you are and your origin. Remember all those who have chosen your right to live and develop, all those for whom you need to reach the highest peaks and confidently go to your goal.

And most importantly: everything you bring to the world always comes back to you.

Happy holiday, friend!

Your “Chernihiv Polytechnic”