день гідності та свободи

November 21 – Day of Dignity and Freedom

On November 21, Ukrainians will celebrate the Day of Dignity and Freedom. In Ukraine, at the state level, this day has been celebrated since 2014 in honor of the beginning of two revolutions – the Orange Revolution in 2004 and the Euromaidan and the Revolution of Dignity in 2013.

This day is a symbol of struggle and victory, a symbol of unity for the sake of the highest and most valuable ideals of the civilized, democratic world. Despite fierce pressure from the anti-democratic regime, Ukrainians have united and defended their right to choose a dignified life.

The Dignity Revolution restored people’s faith in the values of freedom, dignity, self-sacrifice, and also challenged dictatorship, double standards, and corruption.

The Revolution of Dignity shook the whole country with a wave of unheard of patriotism and proved the importance of the national idea. The significance of those events cannot be overestimated, because during November 2013 – February 2014 the most important thing for the Ukrainian nation took place – the awakening of national consciousness, its own identity.

Dignity, freedom, independence, sovereignty, democracy, patriotism, courage, heroism – all these concepts have become especially close to every Ukrainian. We continue our struggle for the freedom and integrity of our territory, and now Ukraine needs not only words and support, but also responsible actions, real protection of its existence as a sovereign, independent state.

At the suggestion of the National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity, we invite all interested to take part in the flashmob #BeWorthy #be_worthy: under these hashtags we recommend sharing photos, memories, thoughts about the Orange Revolution, Euromaidan on social networks.