The collection of documents and materials “Black Boards” of Ukraine was presented on the occasion of the Holodomor Remembrance Day in Ukraine. Chernihiv region”

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Chernihiv Polytechnic National University OV Gerasimenko took part in the presentation of the publication “Black Boards” of Ukraine. Chernihiv Oblast ”, which took place on November 25, 2021 at the Chernihiv Oblast State Administration. To Chernihiv with the presentation of the fundamental edition of #UINP – a collection of documents and materials “Blackboards” of Ukraine. Chernihiv region “was visited by one of the compilers of the collection Dmytro Baikenich.

The collection contains a thorough preface, which describes the mechanism of using “blackboards” as a repressive tool. The team of authors collected more than 600 documents, organized information about settlements and institutions, listed on the “black boards” in the form of tables and maps, prepared reference materials (geographical and nominal indexes).

“BLACK BOARDS” is the name of one of the repressive measures of the party-Soviet government during the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in the USSR. It comes from the way of marking the advanced and lagging peasant farms, ie the leaders were those who were listed on the “red board”, and those who graze the rear – respectively, on the “black”.

The term was first used during the policy of “military communism” (at least since 1920) and was associated with peasant resistance to the “bread dictatorship” and meant taking hostages, shooting kulaks, and others.

During 1932-1933, the term took on a different meaning, as it meant the introduction of repressive economic, administrative and judicial measures.

Initially, it was a means of combating individuals, who accounted for up to 20% of the rural population of the USSR, but later it became universal. In fact, the regime of “Black Boards” was reduced to the creation of reservations in the USSR with conditions incompatible with life.